MediLiVes Health, Wellbeing & Therapy Clinic

The ‘MediLiVes Global Health, Wellbeing & Therapy App’, a futuristic innovation that enables patients – just by using their Mobile-Phones – to gain 7/24/365 access to Medical, Health and Well-Being Professionals and, therefore, without their having any need to travel outside their own homes. This app truly demonstrates the power of ‘Technology Enabling Proximity!’

The MediLiVes Health, Wellbeing & Therapy Clinic changes the rules on at-risk populations’ accessibility to globally available Health-Care and Well-Being provisions.

The MediLiVes Health, Wellbeing & Therapy Clinic offers – all under one roof – our range of ‘Medical, Health and Wellbeing Services’ that, by addressing the needs of a given patient’s unique Physical, Mental and Social Well-Being Symptoms, delivers care that goes beyond simply responding to that patient’s surfaced Medical Signals.

MediLiVes Health, Wellbeing & Therapy Clinic

MediLiVes’ purpose is to provide, nurture and strengthen for Individuals their technologically-supported accessibility to both their ‘Local Community’s – and their Global Communities’ as well – Medical, Health and Well-Being Services and Resources’.

  • These Resources include:
  • In-house: technologically-advanced Holistic Health-Assessment, Diagnostic and Treatment methods and devices;
  • In-house: Training and Certification in the use of such methods and devices;
  • In-house: GP Practices and Walk-In Services;
  • In-house: Dental Practices;
  • In-house: Well-Being Services – including ‘Well-Being Coaching’.
  • In-house: Access to homeopathic products for self-protection against invasive health-disruptors – including, but certainly not limited to, personal protection from the increasing prevalence of Electro-Magnetic Radiation from modern communications’ machinery.

Our approach is embodied in the World Health Organisation’s definition of health:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

We are committed to addressing people’s health problems rather than just treating their symptoms. The ethos, the characteristic approach, of the Clinic is to find Holistic – i.e. ‘Whole Person’ – solutions for identifying and treating disintegrative disturbances in what, in a given patient, should be harmoniously-integrated ‘Physical, Mental and Social Well-Being’ interactive balances.


Complementary Medicine uses therapies that work alongside Conventional Medicine.

The MediLiVes Institute offers a broad, affordable range of ‘Comprehensive Educational Opportunities for Health Care Professionals’ to Study, to Learn and to Practise the ‘Principles of Complementary/Alternative/Integrative Medicine, Health Promotion and Well-Being’.


When people first hear about Alternative Medicine, they usually fall into two categories: ‘Interested’… and/or/but… ‘Sceptical’.

The fact is that Alternative Medicine encompasses treatments that work to strengthen the capacity of the body’s natural capability to balance itself and so promotes self-healing and self-restoration.

This ‘Integrative Medicine’ approach, working as an instantaneously accessible support-system for professional Medical Practitioners, a tool-box necessity in our modern age, brings together ‘Conventional, Complementary and Alternative Therapies’ in mutually-supportive performance with each other.


  • ‘Bioresonance Therapy’ – also known as ‘Frequency Medicine’;
  • ‘EMF Therapy’ for ‘Protection against Ambient Radiation from Electrical, Electronic and Digital Devices’;
  • ‘Quantum Resonance Devices’ for ‘Reharmonising the Body’s Organic Communications’;
  • ‘Stem-Cell Therapy’;
  • ‘Cleaning & Detoxifying Programmes’;
  • ‘Health & Nutrition Programmes’;
  • ‘Pain Relief Management’

Any many more…….