Our world’s Healthcare Systems are going through what we would like to call a stage of awakening. For decades our demographically overloaded Healthcare Systems’ accessibility and effectiveness have been stagnating in their traditional forms of treatments and care for individuals. This is why the Decentralization of Healthcare is becoming increasingly imperative.

At MediLiVes we are working along with the current Healthcare Systems while at the same time decentralizing their conventional formalities to generate the most efficient, effective and economical standards of care.


Decentralization signifies the modification or change of our current Healthcare Systems. Our current Healthcare Systems have standard normalised processes and procedures. A person is sick; they visit a physician; they provide insurance or they pay out of pocket after being assessed. They then are given a prescription or medications conventionally appropriate to treating that effect…

However: there are imperfections in this system. Many patients have to wait weeks to see a Doctor, some do not have the insurance or the financial resources to pay for a medical professional’s treatment. Others cannot afford prescriptions or are given drugs that do not treat the issue but that only make them become dependent on the drug.

MediLiVes is changing the pattern. We want to optimize and decentralize Healthcare Systems as we know them. Our solution is, by harnessing the power of advanced technology, to provide efficient proximity between Doctors and patients thereby diminishing long-line waiting times for consultations between physicians and patients; thus more efficiently affording a Patient-Prompt Service without the need for that patient to be at a physical hospital or Healthcare location.

MediLiVes’ technology makes it possible for us to carry out non-invasive diagnostics to identify – and to provide solutions to – the precisely individual health-requirements of patients. In some cases our technology can detect future health problems that we can prevent from deteriorating and developing into more serious diseases.

MediLiVes infuses the best remedies of nature with the best of state-of-the-art technology to provide effective, affordable, more efficient, sustainable medical dispensations: that is our driving moral and ethical imperative. The Future of

Medicine is here! Now!