Anger Management

At medilives we provide therapeutic counselling and holistic methods to significantly manage anger. Medilives makes use of innovative techniques such as impulse control, meditation, therapeutic counselling, relaxation and breathing techniques to assist individuals in controlling their reactions. Our anger management team focuses on understanding the specific reasons that initiate the individual’s anger and tailors a care plan according to the needs of the client. We understand that anger management is imperative and greatly effects ones physical and mental health, career and relationships. The following are the various types of Anger we pinpoint:

  • Chronic Anger- which is prolonged anger, that can eventually impact the immune system and cause other mental illnesses
  • Passive Anger- which rarely comes across as anger and can be tough to identify alone
  • Overwhelmed Anger- is caused by life necessities that are too much for an individual to cope with
  • Self-Inflicted Anger- is directed toward ones self and may be brought up by sentiments of guilt
  • Judgmental Anger- is directed toward others and can come with feelings of resentment
  • Volatile Anger- sometimes involves offhand bouts of excessive or violent anger
  • Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) has repeated episodes of aggressive, impulsive, or violent behaviour. They may overreact to situations with angry outbursts that are out of proportion to the given situation. This includes but is not limited to: temper tantrums, arguments, fighting, physical violence and throwing objects.